Soave: the borgo and the DOC wine

Grapes hanging in Porta Verona of Soave

Soave: the borgo and the DOC wine

Located between the plain and the hills, about 30 km from Verona, its castle is immediately striking, organized on different levels (courtyards) on the slopes of the hill. Probably built on a Roman fortress, documents attest to the existence of the castle since the year 1000. Passed from hand to hand, the Veronese Dalla Scala family renews it, expands it and endows the village with mighty walls, then again follow one another new owners, fires and disuse.

Soave is a white wine with a delicate color, an intense and delicate aroma, and a rapid and satisfying gustatory development. The vines are Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave. It goes well with the aromas and flavors of local products: beans, peas (risi e bisi), celeriac, bigoli made in the press seasoned with salted sardines or snails, locally called bogoni.

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