Lugana DOC wine

Lugana area in Southern Lake Garda

Lugana DOC wine

The Terre del Lugana is a predominantly flat area that extends south of Lake Garda. It is here that the Lugana white wine is produced, on a soil that is the residue of the glaciations that formed the lake: clayey fields rich in mineral salts affect the flatter part, while the hilly sector has a more sandy and gravelly soil, which makes the least mineral wine.

Lugana is a white wine produced with grapes from the indigenous vine called Turbiana (Trebbiano di Lugana) in quantities not less than 90%. It can also be produced in the Superiore variety, with selected grapes vinified and aged for at least one year, and Spumante (both in the Charmat and classic method). It goes well with light appetizers, dishes with lake fish and soft cheeses.

We include the Lugana tasting in our travel proposal: