Lake Garda

Lake Garda panorama

Lake Garda

The largest of the Italian lakes, Lake Garda is on the border of the regions of Veneto, Lombardy and Trentino Alto Adige.

The massive Monte Baldo dominates the east coast. To the South, the lake is protected by gentle morainic hills that create the ideal climatic conditions for the cultivation of the olive tree (the extra virgin olive oil of Lake Garda is recognized for its quality) and of the vineyard: the main DOC wines they are Bardolino, Lugana, Custoza, Valténesi. And they are perfect environments for easy and scenic bike or e-bike rides.

Pearl of the lake is the village of Sirmione, perched at the end of its long peninsula, but there are many lakeside villages that are worth a visit: Garda, Bardolino, Peschiera, Salò, Malcesine, Riva and many others.

Proposal in the area of Lake Garda are: