Sirmione: the gem of the lake


Sirmione: the gem of the lake

Located on the tip of a thin peninsula about 4 kilometer long, Sirmione was an important center in the Bronze Age, in Roman times (the Via Gallica passed here) and also in medieval times, when the Scaligeri – the lords of Verona – built a majestic castle which stands at the entrance of the village. But during the Venetian era (15th-18th century) the town lost importance.

The life of the inhabitants of the village, who in the Nineteenth century devoted themselves mainly to fishing and agriculture, changed radically thanks to the  channeling of the thermal water of the Boiola spring, located 300 meters from the coast, under the waters of Lake Garda. Thanks to the healing properties of thermal water and the boom in tourism, Sirmione is now one of the most visited destinations on Lake Garda.

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