Cities of Art

Frescos in Mantua

Cities of Art

The Cities of Art are ancient centers dedicated and recognized for their historical and cultural heritage. In our travel packages we often offer a private guided tour of the historic centers, which can last 2-3 hours, on foot or by bike. It is possible to alternate the experience with stops where you can taste typical foods, or end the walk with an aperitif. Some destinations in our area:

Dotted with Roman, Medieval and Habsburg architectures, its old center is surrounded by the Adige river, and offers various panoramic points and a beautiful countryside. Some local specialties: Valpolicella wine, soppressa salami, Monte Veronese cheese, extra virgin olive oil.

Venice and the Lagoon
Unique and precious, Venice is made up of tiny streets, canals and reflections. St. Mark’s Basilica is the best known architecture, but the city has countless hidden wonders, including colorful islands. Exploration by boat, the fun experience on a gondola and lunch to the sound of cicchetti and shadows are recommended.

Probably the oldest Venetian city, it is an important cultural and artistic center since the 14th century, a university center and a bishop’s seat. The city with its palaces and arcades has a lot of history and stories to tell. Do not miss a tour of the market and a sip of Spritz.

Called the City of Palladio for the numerous works by the famous late Renaissance architect, or even the City of Gold, for its renowned goldsmithing activity, located between the Berici Hills and Lessinia, Vicenza is worth a visit. And a taste of Baccalà alla Vicentina.

The four lakes that surround it were born for defensive purposes in the 12th century from the deviation of the Mincio river. Today they are a magnificent mirror on which the reflection of the romantic skyline of Mantua rests. Many architectural works are owed to the Gonzaga family, but there is a lot to discover. Don’t forget to taste the famous pumpkin tortelli.