Italian Aperitivo

Aperitivo in Venice

Italian Aperitivo

An expression of the Italian Dolce Vita, it was born as a moment of preparation for a meal and, over time, turns into an occasion for social gathering, an interlude of relaxation with friends. Its roots go back to the history of our country even before unification and this ritual, accompanied by appetizers, has made squares, streets and cities famous (and crowded).

Along with the Negroni and the Americano, the most famous alcoholic long drink in Italy is Spritz, from the Veneto region. Born to lighten the alcohol content of a glass of wine, it becomes a cocktail with a precise recipe (but with many variations): Aperol, Prosecco, a splash of Soda, half a slice of orange, ice. Padua with its sparkling university nightlife makes it an institution.

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