Alps, Monte Baldo, Dolomites

View over the Alps

Alps, Monte Baldo, Dolomites

Quoting Dino Buzzati, a famous Italian writer, one would wonder “Are they (the Alps) stones or are they clouds?” (D. Buzzati).

The Alps are, in fact, the most massive and highest mountain range in Europe. With its peaks and valleys, it is a four-season paradise, both for outdoor life and for those looking for fresh air, tranquility, wonderful natural landscapes and genuine cuisine.

The Dolomites are a group of mountains in the Eastern Alps, with a different geological origin, that’s why they are called by a different name. The Dolomites are world wide famous for their naturalistic and environmental features.

Monte Baldo, instead, is the closest peak to beautiful Verona, it is possible to climb the ridge on the spectacular cable car that starts from Malcesine reaching an altitude of 2000 meters effortlessly. Another option is to walk to the top to enjoy the satisfaction of reaching the mountain hut on our legs.

We propose an easy panoramic walk on Monte Baldo in our travel proposals: